Electric Castle 2024 Lineup

Electric Castle 2024 Lineup

A Landmark Anniversary with Monumental Headliners

Electric Castle marks its tenth anniversary with an awe-inspiring lineup. The festival, famed for its picturesque setting at Bánffy Castle, has become a beacon for music lovers. This year, Massive Attack and Queens Of The Stone Age are slated to make their first appearances, promising to deliver performances that blend their legendary sounds with the castle’s historic charm.

The Triumphant Return of Festival Favorites

The festival is excited to welcome back Bring Me The Horizon for their third performance. Their return is a testament to the enduring legacy they’ve carved within the Electric Castle community.

Electric Castle Amps Up the Anniversary with Genre-Bending Headliners

Electric Castle’s 10th-anniversary celebration just got a major boost with the announcement of a thrilling new headlining trio. Dancehall king Sean Paul promises infectious energy, Paolo Nutini delivers soulful rock anthems, and the legendary Apashe brings their unique sound to the table. This diverse group further cements Electric Castle’s reputation for breaking genre boundaries and creating a truly all-encompassing musical experience.

A Diverse Musical Ensemble

The stages of Electric Castle will come alive with a medley of artists: Chase & Status LIVE, DJ Shadow, Khruangbin, Marc Rebillet, Jayda G, and DJ Diesel (Shaq), each bringing their unique flair to the festival. The lineup is a testament to the festival’s commitment to diversity, with acts like Kenya Grace, Genesis Owusu, Priya Ragu, Eats Everything, Nina Kraviz, Camo & Krooked, and many more ensuring a rich, eclectic mix that caters to all tastes.

Celebrating a Decade of Diverse Sounds

From the beats of techno to the strums of rock, Electric Castle 2024 celebrates a decade of diversity. Each act, from Carlita to Vita De Vie, from Calibre to Coma, and from Irina Rimes to Subcarpati, adds a unique thread to the festival’s vibrant tapestry.

A Festival Steeped in History and Forward-Thinking

As Electric Castle steps into its tenth year, it promises to be more than just a festival. It’s an experience, a gathering that transcends the music, blending the ancient with the avant-garde, and creating a symphony that resonates with the soul of every attendee.

Festivawl: Your Companion for Electric Castle

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